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Jean-Yves Thériault, also known as "The Iceman," is a Canadian former kickboxer who gained his nickname due to his remarkable composure and icy coolness in the ring. There are several reasons why he earned the moniker "The Iceman":

  1. Calmness under pressure: Thériault was known for his ability to maintain a composed demeanor even in the most intense and challenging situations during fights. He displayed exceptional mental toughness and remained calm and collected, hence earning the comparison to an "iceman."

  2. Emotionless expression: Thériault often showcased a stoic and emotionless expression during his fights, which further reinforced his reputation as "The Iceman." His focused and undeterred demeanor gave the impression that he was unaffected by the pressure and emotions that typically accompany high-level combat sports.

  3. Strategic approach: Thériault was not only physically talented but also highly intelligent when it came to his fighting style. He meticulously studied his opponents, analyzing their weaknesses and devising effective strategies to exploit them. This calculated and strategic approach added to his reputation as a cool and calculating fighter.

  4. Impressive record: Thériault's exceptional career record also contributed to his nickname. He achieved great success in kickboxing, becoming a multiple-time world champion in various weight divisions. His dominant performances, often achieved with a calm and methodical approach, further solidified his image as "The Iceman."

Overall, Jean-Yves Thériault earned the nickname "The Iceman" due to his unrivaled composure, emotionless expression, strategic fighting style, and outstanding accomplishments in the world of kickboxing.